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Hot Lox Studio and Spa is an upscale, full-service Hair & Beauty salon dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent services, quality products and an enjoyable atmosphere. We offer a wide range of services for both men and women, from high-quality stylish haircuts, hair styling, highlighting, coloring, treatments for scalp, to facials, waxing and threading.

What sets us apart, is the education and experience behind the service providers at Hot Lox Studio – the attention to detail, not only in the style, but in the full experience that starts with a thorough consultation, provided services, soothing hot towel treatment in the shampoo room, to giving our guests the tools and products they need to recreate their look.

Many guests want to take a cleaner path on the road to beauty and self-care. We at Hot Lox Studios encourages that and offer our guests the passion of the hair and beauty industry without the harmful effects that standard products can present. We use only high-quality, non-toxic, natural & organic products and have a heightened awareness of the daily choices that impact our environment, our health and our well-being.

We always strive to make our guests look their best and feel refreshed at every visit. Book Online or Stop by the salon in Aubrey, Texas to make your appointment with one of our specialists.

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Clean Products to Improve Health And Well-Being

Hot Lox Studios carries hair care, skincare, makeup, bath & body and wellness products online that are natural and free from toxic chemicals.

We offer clean, natural, organic, and environmentally friendly products with no artificial chemicals: brands of the healthiest cosmetics lines that highlight and care for natural beauty. Each product in our salon and webstore is carefully selected based on the purity of its ingredients, the quality of its performance, and the environmental sustainability of both its manufacturer and its sourcing.

Clean and natural products are taking the beauty Industry by storm as heightened awareness is making enormous strides in people of been mindful by what they put on their skin and hair. Our products are all combinations of Clean Beauty, Green, Organic, Vegan, Natural Plant based and Cruelty free. We carry well-known brands, such as Innersense, Jack Winn, Malibu C, SUR Clean Skincare, Pure Energy Apothecary, Laguna Herbals and many more lines that are organic, 100% natural, vegan shampoos, conditioners, products, and treatments which are the perfect complement to preserving our well-being.

Be assured of the best quality beauty products and get shopping online now. We continuously add new product lines online by the day, so be sure to visit our online store regularly and subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates on new products and offers.

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Pam Dapcic

In December, 2006, my husband and I decided to act upon my girlhood dream and opened our own Salon, Hair to be Different., in Cape Coral, FL.

We focused only on hair, and were fortunate to enjoy a good deal of success with limited drama. I was truly gratified to be able to make so many people happy and feel good about themselves.

In June of 2019 we received the news that our son and his wife were expecting their first child in January. He suggested, we move to Texas. After some brief thought and consideration, we decided, Why not?

We put the Salon up for sale, and sold it in September of 2019. In February, we took a trip to Texas to see our new grand daughter and purchased a home in Savannah. We moved in in late April.

Seeking a part-time position, I accepted a spot with Coco Chic, a company that operates hair salons in 55 and over amenity filled condos, working 2 days a week in both their Plano and Flower Mound locations. The drive became more and more difficult and, although the people were wonderful, focusing almost entirely on roller sets and about 2 hours on the road just wasn’t for me. I wanted to start another chapter.

That chapter has begun at HotLox Studio and Spa. I’m very excited about the change and look forward to meeting new people. I will be available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and every other Saturday. And please know, if you choose to visit my chair, during that time, in everything I do, my focus is on You!

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